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Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Moscow

The Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is one of the oldest circuses not only
in Moscow, but throughout Russia. The circus was built in 1880 on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, hence its name.

For more than a century of work, here worked talented artists who later became famous throughout the Soviet Union. The circus culture of Russian theatrical art was formed in this circus.

The Old Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard conducted its first performance on October 20, 1880. The circus met the first audience with five rows of seats, box seats, a dress circle, wooden unnumbered benches and a standing gallery. Later, the building was rebuilt many times.

The building was extended; the circus program was improved. There was a constant search for young talents, new and unique circus performances. Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard became a good school for many well-known artists: animal-trainers and clowns the Durovs, unrivalled jumpers the Sosins, incomparable equilibrists the Kokh sisters, the world-known magician Emil Kio.

It is worth to say about the clowns, who built a brilliant circus career here. First of all there was the clown Karandash (Pencil), who was so popular that people bought tickets for his performances, paying no attention to other artists mentioned in the program. He also played in the arena of the circus during the Great Patriotic War.

In addition to Karandash, there was the Sunny Clown of Oleg Popov. However, the most famous clowns of the circus were Yuri Nikulin and Mikhail Shuydin, who created a unique duet that evoked mass bursts of laughter. They were as popular as the clown Karandash and it was also difficult to get a ticket to their performances.

In 1983, Yuri Nikulin became the head of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Two years later, in 1985, the circus was closed and restored its activity on September 29, 1989, presenting the program "Hello, Old Circus!" in the new building. All administrative offices, dressing rooms, cages, and other offices have been equipped with modern technologies, and the interior of the hall was recreated in its original form, which helped to keep the home-like atmosphere of the Old Circus. Today, as well as a hundred years ago, the Moscow Old Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard meets its audience with exciting and colorful performances.

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