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Religion in Moscow

Religion in MoscowPractically since the foundation of Moscow, the Christianity has taken the leading place in the religious life of the city. In 1325 the residence of Russian Orthodox Church was moved to Moscow and later it became the center of Orthodoxy in the whole world. Today the Moscow Patriarchate has 500 associations and organizations, 711 churches and 9 monasteries. The largest church in Moscow is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is the main cathedral of Russia. It is also the tallest Orthodox church in the world.

In the context of Russian Orthodox confessions it is also worth to say about the Old Believers’ Orthodox church, presented in 13 churches and chapels. In addition in Moscow you will find associations of Armenian Apostolic Church, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Protestantism and other Christian schools. So, Christianity is the dominant religion in Moscow.

Islam, Buddhism and Judaism also present in Moscow. There are 25 Muslim organizations and associations in Moscow. Worships are held in six mosques, the central of which is the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

Therefore Moscow is the city where all world religions coexist, but the main religion is the Russian Orthodox church. According to recent records there are over 1000 officially registered organizations and associations, which are the representatives of 50 religious confessions and more than 10 religious educational institutions.

Religion in Moscow Religion in Moscow Religion in Moscow
Religion in Moscow Religion in Moscow  
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