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GUM, MoscowMoscow,as recent as 20 years ago offering only local goods and rare novelties from the near abroad, today offers a tremendous choice of products and brands from all over the world. According to the most approximate data, over 20,000 shops, boutiques and trade centers are located in the capital. High prices for the real estate make many people think that shopping in Moscow is an expensive pleasure. But actually it not so, and everyone can make the choice between the exorbitant and democratic prices.

Located in Red Square, GUM (the abbreviation of Russian Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin, meaning ‘main universal store’) takes the leading place among Moscow shops. Occupying an area of one block, it is one of the largest trading centers of Europe. The most expensive and popular brands of the world are concentrated here. Besides, GUM it not only a shop, but also place of interest of Moscow with a century history.

Next to GUM, Okhotniy Ryad is another large trade center of Moscow. Uniqueness of this place is that it is located under the earth, with three underground levels containing dozens of leading world brand shops. Besides, the center has an exit to the subway at average underground level, and also a capacious parking. Number of booths and cafes makes shopping more interesting and busy.

TSUM (Central Department Store) is another popular place for shopping is in the centre of Moscow. Over thousand of brands of clothes, footwear and accessories are represented here; it regularly hosts presentations of new fashion collections. Up and running TSUM’s infrastructure turns shopping into a pleasant journey.

Eliseevsky is another large fashion giant of Moscow. It is located in 18th century mansion on Tverskaya. This shop was the top of refinement in its days, and it maintains its reputation nowadays.

This shop was in due time refinement top, but also today tries to maintain the reputation. Besides, its architectural look and rich history inspire for expensive purchases.

In fact, in Moscow you can find everything within any price range: clothes, footwear, technics, souvenirs, jewels, modern devices and unique handmade items and many other things. The trick is to know where to search.

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