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Restaurants and Clubs

In Moscow, often nicknamed ‘the Third Rome’, just like in historical Rome, people want panem et circenses (lat. bread and circuses). Considering the fact that is one of most populated cities of the world with representatives of different nationalities, the culture of rest also varies. Today, the capital is a home for dozen of clubs, restaurants, café, bars and fast foods.

One can hardly describe all that gastronomic abundance which Moscow cooks can offer. Restaurants vary not only a kitchen national identity, but also in design, service, and even original ‘kickers’. So, in Moscow any gourmet will not only try cuisines artfully prepared by the Moscow cooks, but will also get aesthetic pleasure. Some restaurants of the capital have already gained the reputation of city sights, and Prague on Arbat street is one of them.

There is a huge number of night clubs in Moscow. Each of them has its attendance, the style and the concept. The variety of music directions presented on the Moscow dance floors simply emmarvels. Besides, clubs often host top line celebrities and newcomers, actors, performers and musicians. Moscow clubs are the concentration of city beau-monde and the center of cultural life.

Moscow never sleeps, you can find a place where you can eat and have a good time 24/7, and its only limited by your budget. In addition, all these spots are offering additional services: bowling, the pool, cinema, gaming zone and many others. Undoubtedly, restaurants and clubs of Moscow will never leave you unfazed.