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It all started in the first half of the 19th century, when the Scotsmen Archibald Merrilees and Andrew Muir arrived in Russia and set up Muir and Merrilees trading company in Saint Petersburgh. They opened their first shop in 1857. After a few years their firm had become a flourishing business, and soon after the death of its founders, the company management was transferred to Phillip Walter, under whom it had reached unprecedented success in the Russian market.

In the beginning of 1880s the company purchased a new building at Teatralnaya Square of Moscow, the shop came to be known as Muir and Merrilees trade house. Walter’s efficient marketing turned this trade house into the most famous and popular place among rich and average income classes of the population in Moscow. Muir and Merrilees distributed its catalogue free of charge, and anyone in the country from could order their goods by post. The fire of 1900 destroyed the luxury shop.

A new trade house that replaced the old building was opened in 1908. Designed a la English gothics, Moscovits found it very gloomy. The architect R.Klein and engineer Shukhov made the interior spacious and full of light. In 1917, soon after October Revolution, Muir and Merrile trade house was nationalized, and Phillip Walter was dismissed. In 1922 the shop was reopened under a new name TsUM – Central Universal Department.

Today, TsUm is one of the largest fashion department store in Eastern Europe, representing over 1,000 world brands, clothes, accessories and perfumery. The jewelry is on the first floor, the second floor offers everything for men, the third one is for women, the forth – for youth and children. Moreover, TsUm has “TSUM Globus Gourmet” gastronome, a fusion restaurant, a cigar room, a café and Champagne-bar “Veuve Clicquot”, high speed elevators and galleries turn the shopping into a pleasant journey. The world famous couturieres participate in TsUM events introducing to the guests and clients of TsUM their newest collections in person. TsUm is actively involved into social and cultural activity: it holds charity campaigns and exhibitions that draw Russian and world famous workers of art and culture.

Located in the center of Moscow, not far from Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre, it became Mecca for Moscovits and tourists due to its popularity and centennial history.

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